The National Park Series of Our Natural Treasures:

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I love the national parks.  It’s been a goal of mine to delivery the best guides at the cheapest price possible. Luckily for me, I’m the only one writing, editing, and producing these guides. It allows me to sell them at the lowest possible price.  So far I have completed guides on the Great Smoky Mountains, Mammoth Cave, and Dry Tortugas.  Currently, I’m working on Cuyahoga Valley. I’m hoping to have it completed by mid-May but as you know I’m usually a few weeks behind. I end up adding more because I want these guides to be more detailed and better than the other guides out there.

The National Park Series of Our Natural Treasures is a dream that I thought up years ago. Although I’m just now starting to make this dream happen, I have always loved the parks. I didn’t believe I could be the guy who writes guides about them. It has been a dream come true even though it has been difficult.


National US Parks vs Big Companies

Originally I started National US back in 2015 because I wanted to create a better website to view the national parks. This website is one of a kind and custom built.  There isn’t one like it on the internet. As I learned more and more I realized that most of the guides on the national parks were too expensive. I bought several of them and begin to believe I could create something better at a cheaper price.

The guides I created, in my opinion, are better than the expensive guides created by big companies.  Big companies have to hire writers, editors, video crews, marketers, and other things causing the prices to be $20 buck or more.

The big companies have printed versions. I could have printed versions too but I’m about protecting the environment. It would be somewhat contradictory of me if I’m promoting nature and then turn around and cut down trees to print my books.  I purposely made them Kindle guides for that reason.  I don’t want anyone cutting down trees for my books. Besides printed versions get old and out of date, while these Kindle guides can be updated at any time. The people who buy them will always get the updated version.  So, if someone buys them once they will always get the updates, unlike a printed version.

National US Park Guides

Dry Tortugas National Park:

I believe this is my best work yet. Dry Tortugas is an amazing place to visit. Although only 80,000 people visit the park each year it is an incredible sight to see.  It is very isolated and I’m sure more people would visit the park if it wasn’t so expensive and far away.  It cost $175 bucks to take the Yankee Freedom III ferry to the park.  Entrance to the park was included in the price. It is the cheapest way to get to Dry Tortugas. Fort Jefferson is definitely the best sight at the park. There are plenty of things to do at the park from snorkeling, camping, to hiking. Dry Tortugas is extremely unique and a must visit if you love the national parks.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

This was the first book/guide I ever wrote. It was an amazing experience. The Smoky Mountains is a huge national park at approximately 520,000 acres which is over 800 square miles.  It took 4 months to write this book. I feel I captured everything you would want to know about the park.

I had visited the Smokies many times before writing this book so I felt I had a good understanding of everything about the park. Hiking at the Smokies is an adventure of a lifetime. You could literally hike for days. Mt. LeConte, in my opinion, is the best sight to see at the park. Although you have many other excellent sights such as Clingmans Dome, Chimney Tops, and Cades Cove that you can visit. Go over to Cades Cove and you’ll see some bears. It’s a really special place to see amazing wildlife. Over 11 million people visit the Smokies each year. It is free to enter which makes even better. The Great Smoky Mountains is a beautiful place for a vacation or a weekend getaway.

Mammoth Cave National Park:

The cave system at Mammoth Cave is world famous. Mammoth Cave has a special place in my heart because I live in Kentucky and visited the park dozens of times.  There are many things to do at the park including hiking, canoeing, kayaking, wildlife watching, ranger-led activities, horseback riding, biking and more. Mammoth Cave is one of America’s first tourist attraction. Mammoth Cave has been giving tours since 1816 and if you take the Historic Tour you can go thru the natural entrance which is the same entrance celebrities and notable figures went in during the 1800s and early 1900s. The park is completely free to enter although cave tours do cost money.  If you want to learn more about the cave tours check out this blog. The Best Cave Tours at Mammoth Cave.

 Cuyahoga Valley National Park:

I call it a true diamond in the rough. The park is near Cleveland and Arkon, Ohio.  Cuyahoga Valley actually has an amazing history which I cover in the guide. I can’t wait until it is finished 🙂

2.2 million people visit the park each year. The best thing is that it is free to enter.  Free parks are the best in my opinion. There are plenty of things to do such as hiking, kayaking, canoeing, train-riding, sightseeing and much more including music events and festivals. I really think people will be surprised how awesome Cuyahoga Valley actually is. There are over 125 miles of hiking trails. The waterfalls within Cuyahoga Valley are best I have ever seen.

Below is a picture of the cover of the guide I’m writing. Yeah! beautiful waterfall! Cuyahoga Valley is a special place that not many people know about. I look forward to completing the guide and promoting the park so everyone can see the true diamond that it is.

The National Park Series of Our Natural Treasures: Cuyahoga Valley

After Cuyahoga Valley is completed I’ll start working on the newest park of the national park series Gateway Arch National Park. It is somewhat strange that a structure like the Arch in St. Louis is considered a national park. I’m actually excited to see what types of things there are to do there other than going up in the Arch.  I plan on visiting Gateway Arch National Park in June. I have been there once and when up in the arch. It was really cool to see the overview of the city. I look forward to creating the best possible guide for this newest park in the series.

Final Thoughts

I like to thank everyone who has downloaded my guides on the national parks.  It means a lot to me. Preserving and protecting nature is something deep in my heart. I hope everyone who has visited the national parks realizes how precious these natural wonders are to this great nation.

Amazon has a promotional period where I can give the guides away for free. When Cuyahoga Valley is completed I’ll be giving it away for free for 5 days along with Dry Tortugas. Currently, I don’t have an autoresponder email setup. I answer everything manually. So, I’ll write a blog piece letting everyone know when the promotional period begins. Setting up an email is something on my to-do list so I can give these guides away to people who visit the site. But first I want to build out the site and produce more guides. Again, thank you to everyone who has visited this site. Please stay tuned for more.

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